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Back-to-School Strategies For Students with Disabilities From Parents and Educators

Going back to school is not easy for any student. The prospect of a new school environment and new routines can be especially daunting for students with disabilities. What will my classroom look like? Where will my locker be? Will … Read More

Franklin, the Service Dog, Happily and Capably Serves His Companion with MS

  In honor of Assistance Dog Week, we are honoring Franklin, who is Susan Maziarz’s service dog. Shortly after Susan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis she began to feel the effects of the debilitating disease and became wheelchair dependent. The … Read More

New Netflix Series ‘Atypical” to Feature Teenager on the Autism Spectrum – Premiers August 11

Ever wonder what it is like to experience life as a teenager on the autism spectrum? Is it really that much different from the trials and tribulations of any teenager? You can follow the story of high-school senior Sam Gardner … Read More

In-School Cafe Build’s Students’ Resumes

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High five to Spectrum Academy! The Pleasant Grove, Utah charter high school for students with Autism recently opened an in-school restaurant to empower students with resume-ready job skills prior to graduation. Students completely run the café, from greeting customers and … Read More

New Guidelines Provide Vision for Special Education Policy in Charter Schools


The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS) recently released the Model Policy Guide: Leveraging Policy to Increase Access and Quality Opportunities for Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools. This tool is designed to help state lawmakers promote … Read More

WIOA: In-School Transition Coordinator Victoria Campbell Paves the Way for Pennsylvania Students to Become Job and Life Ready


          “Every one of my kids is walking out of my class with a resume.” Victoria Campbell, a Transition Coordinator at the Alleghany Intermediate Unit’s Sunrise School in Monroeville, PA, is opening doors for students with special … Read More

Physical Fitness Month: Beyond the Gym, Three Small Tips to Add Big Value in Your Class

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May is National Physical Fitness Month. While this theme fits well within the purview of P.E. classes, reinforcing healthy habits can energize the classrooms too! Especially important during this time of finals and test taking. Check out the tips below … Read More

WIOA Pre-ETS Solutions for Success

To address WIOA Pre-ETS requirements, classroom instruction that allows for exploration and skill development is essential in a student’s movement from school to the community.  Exploration needs to be varied and progressive – jobs and careers explored in the classroom … Read More

What is WIOA?


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) places a significant emphasis on the provision of services to youth with disabilities.  It emphasizes the need for youth with disabilities to have more opportunities to practice and improve their workplace skills, to … Read More

WIOA: Wisconsin Identifies Partnerships Between Vocational Rehab and High Schools as Key to Pre-ETS Success

At the recent Texas Conference on Transition, experts from across the country weighed in what the WIOA mandate for Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) means in practice. Again and again, presenters commented that though implementation may look a little different everywhere, … Read More