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Find Your Fit, Find Your Future: Embrace the Mandate for Career Exploration

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was designed to help youth with disabilities make a smooth transition from high school to employment or higher education. To make smooth transitions a reality, WIOA asks Vocational Rehabilitation and Education agencies to … Read More

Honoring, Elevating and Welcoming Those With Down Syndrome

October is the official month designated to create awareness about Down’s Syndrome. We would specifically like highlight the accomplishments of those with Downs and hopefully inspire others to recognize what an incredible asset they can be to your workplace, community … Read More

The One Thing We Insisted Be Included in IEP Meetings for our Son With Autism

Focus on the positive not the negative or perceived shortcomings. According to this parent, “For every characteristic that can be classified as a “problem”, there’s a flip side – something that actually works as a benefit for my son. It’s … Read More

Be Inclusive. Be A Friend!

What does it mean to be a friend? It’s National Bullying Prevention Month! That’s why we wanted to take a moment to encourage you to make a difference with your students. As a teacher, it’s impossible to know each interaction … Read More

Businesses Opening Doors For Those With Disabilities. Are Your Students Ready?

According to a recent article in Disability Scoop “Corporate America is increasingly working to include people with disabilities with a new report finding that a growing number of companies are actively recruiting from this population. In a survey of 110 companies … Read More

Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Students …and a Little Fishing Too


Experiential Learning in this Classroom Doubles Employment Outcomes and Eliminates Behavior Issues David Yunker and his Oxnard, CA High School class have just returned from fishing.  Not only have they caught a few fish, but David has captured the hearts and … Read More

It’s National Sewing Month! Do Your Students Know How to Make a Straight stitch, Backstitch, or Topstitch?

Don’t miss out on a great learning experience for your students. Did you know that tens of millions of Americans sew at home? Whether for personal use, community service or for a home business, sewing is a great skill to … Read More

Education Associates Announces WIOA Solutions for Pre-ETS Services

  Project Discovery’s Life and Work Skills Solutions prepare students to be workforce ready. This year U.S. schools, job coaches, vocational rehabilitation counselors and transition coordinators are working hard to comply with the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) … Read More

How Can Project Discovery Help My Students Be Job Ready?

Hurricane Harvey victims need a helping hand. Together we can make a difference.

Give a helping hand to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donate now through Red Cross. Here’s a list of more organizations that are undertaking this work and how you can contribute to them.