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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Project Discovery!

tim and shelly

Tim Hagan with Shelley Mauer

We’ve been involved in career education and helping students succeed for 35+ years, ever since I first volunteered for the Special Olympics.  It changed my life!  What I enjoyed most was seeing kids succeed far beyond anyone’s expectations.

So, in 1980, we founded Education Associates to provide quality career education and life skills curriculum to help schools and organizations improve the lives of all learners, especially those at risk and with special needs.

Shelley Mauer, our Sr. VP of Research and Development, and I launched Project Discovery to provide the most comprehensive career exploration, job preparation and life skills transition curriculum available.  We’ve listened to students who’ve experienced job success and to teachers on our National Advisory Board.

Credibility, research, validation, and compliance are all key factors in selecting the right educational programs. Through Project Discovery, more students of all ability levels, graduate and successfully transition to college or a vocation and live independently.  That’s how our curriculum became customizable, personalized and blended with academic instruction, assessments and practical use of  hands-on “real-world” job tools.

We are proud that Project Discovery is validated by the U.S. Department of Education and a Model program by the National Dropout Prevention Network Center.  For compliance, we align lesson objectives to common core standards and also provide a set of coordinated activities necessary for IEP Transition Plans.

Like you, we know that there is nothing more rewarding than to witness a student experiencing success at school and inRyan1 life.  Just ask Ryan, a young man who now has tremendous pride about his job after exploring Project Discovery. This was a pivotal and life-changing experience for Ryan.

Working together, we can help you make this a reality for many more students!


Tim Hagan

President, Education Associates