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Empowering learners with the most challenges for work and life

The Adapted Career Education Series is the only hands-on curriculum specifically designed for students who have moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, including those with autism.
Education Associates empowers students with special needs through the Adapted Career Education Series and turnkey solution.

Turnkey Solution

Spend less time lesson planning and more time teaching. This hands-on consistent career exploration program is ready to teach with differentiated levels of instruction.

Education Associates empowers students with special needs through the Adapted Career Education Series and comprehensive, hands-on materials.


Video modeling prepares students for future jobs, along with hands-on activities, communications support, and integrated video and audio.

Education Associates empowers students with special needs through the Adapted Career Education Series for proven success.

Proven Success

Project Discovery is validated and approved by the U.S. Department of Education, is a National Dropout Prevention Network Model Program, and supports Universal Design for Learning components.

Alabama Students with Special Needs Gain Key Workforce Skills with Hands-On Career Instruction

Alabama’s Lauderdale County Schools is using the Project Discovery Adapted Career Education Series curriculum from Education Associates to teach students with cognitive disabilities both essential job and life skills and core academics, so they can find meaningful work and live independent lives after high school. The hands-on curriculum is easy to implement and makes teachers’ jobs easier—and student gains have proven the program’s remarkable effects.

“My teachers have loved it. It’s simple and it’s straightforward, and it gives them everything they need without a lot of prep work required. It just works and meets students where they are,” says Brooke Gilmer, Director of Special Education Services.

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Students with Special Needs Explore Newfound Interests, Skills and Self-Confidence with ‘Adapted Curriculum’

Preparing students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities for the workforce and for independent living can be challenging. But Virginia Beach City Public Schools has seen great success using the Adapted modules of Project Discovery, a transition curriculum from Education Associates. With the help of this hands-on curriculum that teaches critical job and life skills, the school division’s students with special needs are graduating with the abilities and the confidence they need to make it on their own.

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“Watching students feel success—often for the first time in many years—is quite significant,” says Amy Schuiteboer, school improvement specialist for Virginia Beach City’s Salem High School.

1. Career Exploration

Students pursue their dreams and find a career they love, by combining all of the elements they need to be successful. Seventeen hands-on career education titles allow students to explore more than 100 entry-level jobs.

2. Skills for Work and Life

Students effectively develop skills and break the cycle of unemployment with hands-on learning experiences. Students leave school with the skills to start an entry-level position and gain independence.

3. Confidence and Hope

Students gain skills to include on their resume and feel encouraged knowing that they'll enjoy their career field. The curriculum's real-world approach helps students realize their potential and gain confidence in their abilities.

4. Active Community Role

Student enter the workforce with the exact skills employers are seeking. They are able to secure job placements in a role they will be successful in and add value to their employer.

“I truly believe this is the best product out there to help students with disabilities become job ready," says Schuiteboer.