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Autobody Repair & Auto Detailing

(Item# PD0500)

Explore the basics of a career in auto body repair and auto detailing. This hands-on module introduces students to the basics of repairing body damage on automobiles. From start to finish, this module covers all the stages of a repair including dinging work, filling dents, preparing the surface for finishing and painting. It also covers how to detail a car.

Work performance benchmarks included.

Exposure To…

  • Dolly Block
  • Sanding
  • Painting
  • Safety Gear
  • Auto Care

Activities Like…

  • Straightening Damaged Areas
  • Filling Dents with Plastic
  • Preparing Surfaces for Painting
  • Priming Work Areas
  • Compounding a Repaired Area
  • Detailing a Car

Materials Like…

  • Planing Tool
  • Dolly Block
  • Putty/Catalyst
  • Chamois
  • Prep and Repair Supplies
  • Auto Cleaners