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Greenhouse work, working with plants, how to keep plants alive, growing flowers, lesson plans, life skills, cirriculum.


(Item# PD1700)

This module is for those with a green thumb who like to get their hands dirty. Students learn about the different careers available, as well as typical duties performed and tools/equipment used. These jobs bring beauty and enjoyment to peoples’ lives. There are opportunities in this field for everyone. There are part-time jobs available for students after school and seasonal hours for those who want to work a few months of the year.

Work performance benchmarks included.

Also available in an expanded format with an Adapted supplement.

Exposure To…

  • Groundskeeper
  • Florist
  • Plant Scientist
  • Greenhouse
  • Landscape Worker

Activities Like…

  • Testing Seeds for Germination
  • Transplanting
  •  Soil Preparation
  • Growing Plants from Seeds
  • Grafting
  • Building a Greenhouse

Materials Like…

  • Planting Trays
  • Seeds
  • Planting Materials
  • Planting Tools
  • Rooting Containers