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Let’s Discover Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

(Item# PD15000)

A travel-related career is exciting to most students. Help them get their feet wet with this exploratory module on careers in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. Through this module, students will get a firsthand look at the responsibilities and training required. Jobs encountered include hotel manager, food service manager, front desk clerk, housekeeper, chef, banquet coordinator, travel agent, tour guide and recreation leader.

Exposure To…

  • How Hotels/Motels Work
  • Making a Reservation
  • Banquet Reservations
  • Planning Recreational Activities
  • Planning a Tour

Activities Like…

  • Making Hotel Reservations
  • Performing Cleanliness Tests
  • Determining Food Needs and Costs
  • Designing a City Park
  • Developing a Hospitality Tour for New Students

Materials Like…

  • Travel Brochures
  • Table Cloth and Tableware
  • Catering Selection Form
  • U.S.A. Map