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Now includes even more! Child care, caring for a child, taking care of an infant, feeding a baby, changing a diaper, nuturing a child, lesson plans, life skills, cirriculum.


  • Video Modeling
  • Visual Schedules
  • Data Sheets
  • Real-Life Photography
  • Social Communication and Behavior Supports
  • System of Least Prompts and Time Delay
  • Assessments (with audio) to support alternate assessment standards
  • New Student Instructions with Audio Supports

Child Care – Adapted

(Item# PD4500ADA)

With this Adapted module students learn the proper techniques for holding, lifting and carrying an infant; how to feed an infant; how to diaper an infant; how to dress an infant, bathing techniques, and tips.

Includes all the contents of Beginning Child Care, as well as simplified text with integrated visuals, functional academic worksheets, communication supports and adapted activities.

Ideal for students using alternate assessments.

Exposure To…

  • Sequencing
  • Safety/Cleanliness
  • Discrimination Skills
  • Liquid Measurement
  • Temperature

Adapted Activities Like…

  • Lifting and Carrying a Baby
  • Feeding a Baby
  • Diapering a Baby
  • Dressing a Baby
  • Sponge-Bathing a Baby