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Food Service

(Item# PD1500)

Students will learn food preparation techniques and how to maintain a sanitary food prep area.  Students will perform tasks to investigate the growth and spread of microorganisms; consider the shapes, textures, tastes and colors of foods for preparing meals; and calculate quantities for  food preparation.

Also available in an expanded format with an Adapted supplement.

Exposure To…

  • Spread of Microorganisms in an Environment
  • Planning and Evaluating
  • Quantities
  • Shapes, Textures, Tastes and Colors of Foods

Activities Like…

  • Conducting Cleanliness Tests
  • Considering Clean vs. Unclean Conditions
  • Preparing Attractive Meals
  • Planning for Quantity Cooking
  • Planning School Lunches

Materials Like…

  • Dinner Plates and Bowls
  • Set of Food Models and Petri Dishes
  • Nutrient Agar Kit
  • Divided Trays