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Law enforcement, finger printing, dusting, going after criminals, lesson plans, life skills, cirriculum.

Law Enforcement

(Item# PD2000)

Bring CSI right into the classroom with this module covering a variety of law enforcement activities. Students will explore tasks such as fingerprinting, casting, studying forged documents and following accident and criminal investigation procedures.


Exposure To…

  • Fingerprinting
  • Casting
  • Investigations
  • Forged Documents
  • Accident and Criminal Incident Reporting

Activities Like…

  • Taking and Lifting Fingerprints
  • Making a Print Identification and Matching Prints
  • Making a Plaster Cast
  • Doing a Handwriting Comparison
  • Investigating an Accident/Crime

Materials Like…

  • Investigation Report Form
  • Fingerprint Powders and Dusting Brushes
  • Latent Print Transfer Card Set
  • Fingerprint Type Example Chart
  • Complaint Form