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Masonry, learning how to become a mason, painting, planning, capentry skills, lesson plans, life skills, cirriculum.


(Item# PD2300)

Students using this module on masonry will gain a beginner’s understanding of the process of construction, while acquiring a specific knowledge of the field of masonry. Activities in this module will allow students to get a hands-on feel for the work of a mason and the typical duties and tasks performed.

Exposure To…

  • Building a Foundation
  • Pouring Concrete
  • Wall Construction
  • Mortar
  • Level and Square

Activities Like…

  • Conducting a Slump Test
  • Pouring and Finishing a Concrete Patio Block
  • Tying Reinforcement Rods
  • Constructing Straight and Corner Wall Sections
  • Constructing a Brick Wall Using a Stretcher Bond

Materials Like…

  • Mortar and Re-Bar Boxes
  • Level and Square
  • Reinforcement Rods
  • Patio Block Form
  • Jointing Tool
  • Standards