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Health and Nutrition

(Item# PD3100)

We all need to eat with our health in mind. This module explores the role of a nutritionist or dietitian while simultaneously teaching students about good eating habits, calorie requirements for weight loss and planning healthy meals from all the food groups. Students will also investigate calorie consumption in different parts of the world for a well-rounded perspective on public health.

Work performance benchmarks included.

Also available in an expanded format with an Adapted supplement.

Exposure To…

  • Factors of Influence in Diet Choice
  • Methods of Determining Body Fat
  • Calorie Requirements for Weight Loss
  • Proper Nutrition for Pregnant Women
  • Calorie Consumption Around the World

Activities Like…

  • Keeping a Food Log
  • Calculating Body Fat
  • Identifying Calorie Requirements
  • Considering Supplemental Foods
  • Understanding World Nutrition

Materials Like…

  • Table of Dietary Recommendations
  • Food Coupon Books
  • Growth Charts
  • Calorie Consumption Graph