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(Item# PD3900)

Students have everything needed in this module to get to know many aspects of the over-the-road trucking business. This module presents some of the things that concern truck drivers, materials handlers and rate clerks. Students learn about the duties and tasks of a truck driver, such as completing paperwork and following regulations.

Work performance benchmarks included.

Exposure To…

  • Safety Regulations
  • Federal Motor Carrier
  • Materials Handling
  • Recording and Tracking
  • Navigation

Activities Like…

  • Using a Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Regulations Book
  • Rate Clerking
  • Bill of Lading
  • Handling Materials
  • Keeping a Log
  • Reading a Road Atlas

Materials Like…

  • Truck Model and Weigh Station
  • Daily Log for Drivers
  • Loading Dock Worksheet
  • Tariff Book
  • Road Atlas