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October 2017 – Helping Students Find What They Love To Do

No Limits: Florida ARC Launches Careers With Its Innovative PALS Program
A Blueprint for Transition Success: Dondie Roper, PALS Program Director at the Arc Gateway Pensacola, FL can regale with you many stories just like this. How do they accomplish this? 





September 2017 – Activating CA Classroom Doubles Employment Success 

Experiential Learning in this Classroom Doubles Employment Outcomes and Eliminates Behavior Issues “In my class they know they have a job task that relates to the real world and they go do it.”


May 2017  - WIOA: What is It and How Does It Relate to Schools? 

“Every one of my kids is walking out of my class with a resume.” The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (“WIOA”) is “really an opportunity to reform the public workforce system,” Victoria Rice Campbell, Transition Coordinator, Monroeville, PA.


October 2016 - Outstanding Test Results for Students with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Recent research study by Dr. Amy Spriggs, University of Kentucky, nds that hands-on career education with video modeling signi cantly improves career learning for students with autism and other developmental disabilities. According to Dr. Spriggs who spearheaded the research.




March 2016 – Hear From Your Peer: How She Used Evidence-Based Practices In Her Classroom to Help Her Students Discover Their Career Passions

“Video Modeling is a key part of Project Discovery that other functional programs often overlook.”




MN Student Test Scores

November 2015 – Transition Outcomes Matter.  Student Test Scores Soar

Every student should dream of what they can be – a landscaper, carpenter, retailer, caregiver, grocery clerk, police officer or medical assistant. We don’t always reach our goals, but we can reach higher to build career pathways for more students to define their dreams based on their self-interests and unique abilities.”




Betsy Gentry No Frame

October 2015 – Top 7 Teacher-Recommended Transition Best Practices and Hands On Curriculum Motivates Adult Students to Learn, Grow and Communicate





October 2015 – Greenhouse Curriculum Motivates Young Adult Students with Special Needs to Learn, Grow and Communicate

“Even severely challenged students participate in this curriculum. Their transformation is like a flower in bloom! Summers are a magical time at our school”




Javier West

Spring 2015 – Blended Academic and Vocational Curriculum Gives Javier Job Skills and Future Dreams!

Today, he has satisfying job and aspires to become a firefighter.


cory 2

February 2015 – Adaptive Curriculum Proves Game-Changer for Student with Autism

“Career exploration is critical for students with cognitive, physical or behavioral issues. We use Project Discovery’s adaptive curriculum to help our students find a vocational interest and skill set that they are able, and eager, to perform.  I’m so thrilled for Cory. His achievements are a monumental success!”


More grads, more jobs, better futures!