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What is Project Discovery?


 Project Discovery is:

  •  50+ hands-on career education courses with integrated academics and assessments offered at Adapted, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  •  18 hands-on job skills courses to train students for 100+ careers offered at Basic and Enhanced levels.
  •  60+ life skills curriculum courses for job readiness and for successful independent living offered at different reading levels.

QuoteGreenThis is more progress than we hoped for. Project Discovery is now our cornerstone curriculum. The curriculum enables teachers to more personalize IEPs. I get excited to plan students’ transition programs.

N. Loch, Vocational Coordinator, South Washington County School District, MN

Teach marketable job and life skills to students at-risk and with special needs in middle, high and adult learning settings with Project Discovery ‘s career exploration, job and life skills transition curriculum. 

Each kit provides everything you need to deliver quality instruction and job preparation to meet all ability levels.

Watch this 3 minute video to learn why and how we developed our research-based curriculum.

Who uses Project Discovery?

Schools, Organizations, Non-Profits, One-Stop Centers & More

Today, more than 5000 U.S. middle and high schools and organizations use Project Discovery to reduce dropout rates and discipline referrals, while giving students instruction, knowledge and tools to prepare them for the workforce. Watch educators and students talk on video.

How does it comply with transition requirements and IDEA Indicators 13 & 14 for graduation?

Project Discovery curriculum has pre-post assessments, alternative assessments and work performance benchmarks to help you easily comply with and report graduation and transition success and to more personalize student IEPs.  Choose levels of instruction to meet the needs and abilities of every learner from beginning, intermediate, advanced and adapted modules for severely challenged students in special education.

Every Project Discovery kit includes teacher binders with clear scope and sequence, job tools, activities, tests and workforce performance benchmarks.

Every Project Discovery kit includes teacher binders with clear scope and sequence, job tools, activities, tests and work performance benchmarks.

Read more about dropout statistics, compliance, and state correlations.


How will Project Discovery enhance blended instruction?

Customizable Project Discovery curriculum on CD’s with real voice audio helps you blend your instruction on smartboards, whiteboards, iPads, and video modeling to transform your classroom into a flexible, interactive, and engaging hands-on learning experience.

We’re all about delivering a universally-designed learning program so that you can:

  • Adjust and adapt the program to meet all learners and ability levels.
  • Reinforce job skills knowledge for stronger recall, time on task, practice and skill repetition.
  • Enable each student to work at their own pace and in the learning style they most enjoy.
  • Use accessibility features for students with print and learning disabilities who require accommodations.
  • Engage every student in critical thinking skills and career decision-making.

Is Project Discovery Classroom Tested?

Project Discovery is research-based and field tested in lots of classroom settings with students of all ability levels, even those who are severely challenged

Who Developed the Curriculum?

Project Discovery is peer-reviewed and recommended by a National Advisory Board in special education and transition. Our advisors include Dr. Ed O’Leary and Dr. Margo Izzo from the Ohio State University and Dr. Cindi Nixon, past state Transition Coordinator and past President, DCDT

Our transition curriculum is validated by the U.S. Department of Education and is a model program recommended by the National Dropout Prevention Center Network.

Project Discovery is also endorsed by American School Counselors Association, the National Consortium for State Guidance Leadership, and the U.S. Island Education Ministry Leadership.

Job Skills validated from O-Net and NOCTI industry-based standards.