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What’s in a Project Discovery Kit?

  • Everything You Need For Transition

  • CD's - Real Voice Audio

  • Classroom-Ready Instructions

  • Real-World Job Tools

  • Printable Worksheets

  • Real Tools for Real Jobs

  • Performance Based Assessments

  • Adapted Versions for Special Education

  • Student Certifications

  • Parent Brochures

  • Storage Bins - Options for Carts

QuoteGreenThe students are absolutely loving Project Discovery. It’s one of the best purchases we have made.

B. Gilmer, Special Education Director, Lauderdale County Schools, Florence, AL

Everything you need to teach career education!

  • Teacher binders with research-based, customizable transition curriculum for classroom-ready instruction
  • Lessons by scope and sequence on CD’s with real voice audio
  • Relevant job tools to learn today’s marketable job skills
  • Engaging hands-on activities and worksheets
  • Knowledge-based and work performance based assessments
  • Parent and Family Involvement Brochure
  • Student Certificates of Accomplishment
  • Storage bins and mobile storage options

Benefits for educators and students

  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Adapted modules so that every learner at any ability level can identify their talents, passions and interests.
  • Hands-on learning to give more students opportunities and time to explore career fields, entry-level jobs, career decision-making, specific job skills and critical thinking.
  • Activities and job tools that motivate students to stay in school and feel confident and career-ready. 
  • Performance data and reports that students can take on job interviews.
  • Reinforcement of foundational reading and math skills to meet Common Core standards.
  • Compliance data to easily manage reporting.
  • Ready-made parent brochures to engage families.
  • Life skills that will give students the knowledge they need to find a job, keep a job and live independently

Talk to us about your career education and transition goals!

Project Discovery is ideal for career-readiness in general education, special education, inclusion, adult education, after school, summer school and vocational programs.  Project Discovery is a great foundation for student job shadowing, job mentoring and externship workforce-ready programs.