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A Life Changed

Project Discovery Adds New Evidence-Based Practices to Adapted Career Education Series

  New features such as video modeling and visual supports enhance learning opportunities to develop job and life skills for students with cognitive disabilities   Louisville, Ky. (March 7, 2018)—Education Associates, developer of Project Discovery, the hands-on career education and … Read More

Healthy New Year! Healthy Habits for You and Your Students

What do you see when you think, “healthy”? A plate of veggies, a bottle of water, or maybe some sneakers come to mind. The things associated with “healthy” are different for everyone, based on our environment, community, and personal preferences. … Read More

Self-Advocacy: Use the IEP meetings for Students to Practice This Essential Life Skill. Here is How.

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Self-Advocacy is an essential life skill for all students to learn – especially those with special needs. If students can be taught to be their own advocate, then they can be less reliant on others and can, instead, stand up … Read More

But What If I Do Not Like This Internship and It Is the Only One Offered?  

It is important to identify what careers a student has an interest in before committing them to an internship that they have no interest in whatsoever. Ideally, the students should be allowed to explore a variety of careers before going … Read More

Disability Mentoring Day. A Positive Step for Your Students to the Workplace

There are a number of ways to honor National Disability Employment Awareness Month.   We recently posted a blog about the increasing numbers of employers who are opening their doors to those with disabilities. Our goal is to get students, … Read More

No Limits: Florida ARC Launches Careers With Its Innovative PALS Program

  A Blue Print for Transition Success    “He went from sitting on the couch at home to creating his own hydroponic produce business.”  “She was the first person with Downs Syndrome to graduate and receive her license in Cosmetology from … Read More

Downs Syndrome Can’t Slow Down This College Grad

“Down syndrome is merely an obstacle, not an insurmountable barrier for Cameron” “Cameron knew forever and a day that she wanted a career in beauty, hair care and make-up.”  But Hair Care and Cosmetology are regulated industries, explains Dondie Roper, … Read More

Find Your Fit, Find Your Future: Embrace the Mandate for Career Exploration

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was designed to help youth with disabilities make a smooth transition from high school to employment or higher education. To make smooth transitions a reality, WIOA asks Vocational Rehabilitation and Education agencies to … Read More

Honoring, Elevating and Welcoming Those With Down Syndrome

October is the official month designated to create awareness about Down’s Syndrome. We would specifically like highlight the accomplishments of those with Downs and hopefully inspire others to recognize what an incredible asset they can be to your workplace, community … Read More

The One Thing We Insisted Be Included in IEP Meetings for our Son With Autism

Focus on the positive not the negative or perceived shortcomings. According to this parent, “For every characteristic that can be classified as a “problem”, there’s a flip side – something that actually works as a benefit for my son. It’s … Read More