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Transition curriculum designed specifically for students ranging from severe and profoundly-challenged to those with moderate cognitive disabilities. These hands-on kits provide simplified text, functional academic worksheets, communication supports and integrated audio and visual supports to help students learn job-related tasks and life skills. This dynamic approach supports instruction in alternate assessment standards and helps learners achieve success!

QuoteGreenTransition Programming For This Level of Student was Non-Existent Until we Found Project Discovery

Project Discovery is such a great program to use with our students who are lower functioning and have Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD). It has been a great addition to our Work Based Learning Program. The adapted modules are much appreciated as   transition programming in the form of curriculum for purchase for this level of student was non-existent until we found Project Discovery.

C. Kemble, Work Based Learning Instructor, Golden Valley, MN



Hands-on career education kits to help students experience real-world job tasks using real tools of the trade! Students are motivated to “learn by doing” which will enhance their opportunities for success in the workplace. Academics are integrated into the activities to support instruction in the standards. Help your students make more informed career and life decisions with this dynamic curriculum. Offered in three functional levels-Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced-each module offers support for different reading levels. Adapted components are also available for students with severe and profound challenges.





A hands-on training series to prepare students grades 10-12 and ages 18-21 years for entry-level work by developing “marketable skills.” Relevant instruction helps students relate schoolwork to success in the workplace.

Offered at two progressive levels for continuing studies: Basic and Enhanced.




This multimedia series equips students grades 9-12 and ages 18-21 years with key competencies in two categories: Job Preparation and Life Skills. There are 62 topics available across these two categories.

Introducing a BRAND NEW, unique multimedia series to prepare students with different functioning levels with the skills for a successful job search, for keeping a job, and for independent living. Each package in this dynamic series provides TWO LEVELS of materials-3rd-4th grade reading level and 6th-8th grade reading level.


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