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Career Exploration Curriculum

Explore over 400 Career Pathways to Employment


Students learning, practicing and working at jobs with skills learned through Project Discovery career education curriculum.

Empower your students to find their future with real tools to build real skills.

Project Discovery is a career exploration and  job skills curriculum for students in grades 6-12 and adults in transition.

Students, of ALL ability levels, can  explore many career fields and learn job skills in today’s top industries and trades found in the National Career Clusters Framework, including:

  • Agriculture / Greenhouse
  • Food Service, Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Nutrition / Weight Management
  • Life & Social Skills (Cyber / Bullying)
  • Beauty, Cosmetology, Hair Care
  • Medical Patient Care
  • Law Enforcement
  • Masonry, Construction, Electrical and Drafting
  • Automotive & Small Engine Mechanics
  • Transportation / Trucking
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Health and Medical Records
  • Manufacturing
  • Human & Social Services
  • Banking / Office / Retail
  • Business / Sales / Marketing / Writing / Advertising / Graphic Arts / Customer Service

 Skills Training

Build marketable skills for high demand jobs, using real tools to perform real job tasks.

Prepare students in grades 10-12 and young adults, ages 18-21, for entry-level work with marketable job skills with relevant instruction and hands-on learning.

Train students to be job ready with NOCTI-based skills for popular entry level jobs in areas like  Child Care, Retail, Caregiver, Auto Detailing, Office Assistant, and Construction.  Competency checklists included.

This series is offered at two progressive levels for continuing studies: Basic and Enhanced.

Lifelong Learning

Essential life skills including how to get a job, keep a job, improve social communication and behavior and live independently

Instruct students in Job Preparation skills for getting and keeping a job such as Looking for a Job, Developing a Resume, Completing a Job Application, and Interviewing for a Job.

Provide life skills to increase opportunities for independence with skills such as Checking and Savings, Consumer Shopping, Kitchen Safety, Measurements, and Teamwork.

Enrich student’s Social Skills and Self-Esteem. Help them to understand Conflict Resolution, Friendship Basics and Problem Solving. Discuss topics such as Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Internet Safety.

Help students explore health and nutrition by studying these modules on Food Labels, Healthy Snacks, Planning Healthy Meals, Weight Control & Physical Activity, Healthy Meals on a Budget, Active Recreation and Passive Recreation.

Adaptive Modules

Careers adapted to open doors for all, including individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Our Adapted series and alternative assessments will support students with severe and profound challenges.