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Adapted Modules for I.Q.s 55 and Below

Blended InstructionExpanded modules that include supplementary instruction in addition to the contents of the original hands-on career exploration modules. The supplementary instruction is appropriate for students who are moderately or severely and profoundly challenged. Ideal for students with IQs of 55 or below or alternate assessment populations.

There are 17 modules available in this expanded format. In addition to what is covered in the original modules, the Adapted modules also cover:

  • 80 Additional Careers
  • 81 Additional Activities
  • 511 Additional Job Tasks

All Adapted modules include simplified text with integrated visuals, functional academic worksheets, communication supports and adapted activities.

How do you choose what level is right for your students?  Download these guides in pdf to to view our curriculum based on academic levels and a generalized approach to student ability levels.