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Dropout Rates Plummet

“We graduated 100% of our second year students compared to 60% previously.” 

Karen Squires, Director of Special Education, Red River School District, LA


As a Model Program for the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN)  Project Discovery is listed in its focus Database and on its Website.


7 Tips for Effective Dropout Prevention Success (NDPN)


Tip Project Discovery Works

1. Active Learning: Engages and involves the student in the learning process. Students learn by doing… they need to do their own exploration and thinking. Activities such as hands-on tasks, using technology, using creative ways to solve problems and examining different ways to learn all make students active learners.

Project Discovery is experiential learning, students “learn by doing” hands-on activities and exploring about their interests and abilities… all tied to career, decision-making and transitioning to the workforce or further education.

2. Educational Technology: The delivery of instruction through technology engages students and helps address multiple learning styles.

Project Discovery provides technology components for students with differing abilities levels so that all students may succeed across the curriculum.

3. Individualized Instruction: Allows for flexibility in instruction and learning. It addresses each individual student’s unique interests and learning styles.

Project Discovery addresses multiple learning styles and ability styles.

4. Career and Technical Education: is essential for all students to see the connection between school and work. CTE programs make learning relevant.

Project Discovery is a U.S. Dept. of Education validated and approved career development program that is scientifically research-based and proven effective.

5. Professional Development:

Project Discovery includes a professional development training component. Nationally certified trainers provide on-site training for administrators and teachers.

6. Alternative Schooling:

Project Discovery is ideal for alternative settings with its hands-on, dynamic approach and engages students in the learning process. As students learn about their interests and abilities and make the link between school and work, they are more motivated to stay in school and begin thinking about their career-decision make process.

7. School-Community Collaboration:

Project Discovery supports and encourages school-community collaboration with its career-based activities.


Project Discovery Dropout Rate Impact Across the Country


School District Impact

Bradley County School System
Cleveland TN

15% decrease in Drop-out rates and disciplinary referrals

Red River Parish
Coushatta, LA

15% decrease in Drop-out rates
10% increase in attendance
100% graduation rate

Ascension Parish Schools
Donaldsonville, LA

30% decrease in Drop-out rates