What is Project Discovery?

HANDS-ON transition curriculum to get EVERY student Job Ready and Life Ready!

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” Teachers who conduct hands-on learning activities on a weekly basis out-perform their peers by more than 70% of a grade level in math and 40% of a grade level in science.” National Assessment of Educational Progress.



Workforce Readiness Curriculum

Career Development:

Over 400 careers for students to explore! Real life job skills with actual tasks and tools while reinforcing core academic skills. Careers like Greenhouse, Table Service, Hair Care & Styling, Medical Patient Care, Law Enforcement, Masonry, and Medical Records. Work performance benchmarks included.

Skills Training:

Train your students to be Job Ready with NOCTI-based skills for the most popular entry level jobs in such areas as Child Care, Retail, Caregiver, Auto Detailing, Office Assistant, and Construction. Competency checklists included.

Lifelong Learning:

Teaches Job Preparation skills for getting and keeping a job; Life Skills in areas like Checking and Savings, Consumer Shopping, Kitchen Safety, Measurements, and Teamwork;

Social Skills: Students can learn life skills like  Self-Esteem, Conflict Resolution, Friendship Basics and Problem Solving.

Health and Nutrition:  Students can learn about Food Labels, Healthy Snacks, Planning Healthy Meals, Weight Control & Physical Activity, Healthy Meals on a Budget, Active Recreation and Passive Recreation.
Bullying, Cyberbullying, Internet Safety: Curriculum to stop bullying and empower your students (every student!)

Adapted Curriculum:

Career Awareness and Career Exploration specifically designed for students with severe and profound learning disabilities. Ideal for students using alternate assessments.



How will Project Discovery Meet My Needs? 

  • Project Discovery is Research-Based
  • Supports Common Core Standards: Language Arts and Math Standards built in
  • Work Performance Benchmarks provided
  • Ideal Transition Program for Every Student – Students Graduate and Get Jobs
  • Ideal for All-Inclusive Classroom
  • Ideal as Foundation for Externship Programs
  • EASILY and FLEXIBLY implemented
  • APPROVED and VALIDATED by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Activities provided on MULTIPLE FUNCTIONAL reading levels
  • Test Scores Significantly Increase
  • Reduces Dropout Rates – Model Program for National Dropout Prevention

Proven Effective!


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