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Food Service Assistant – Enhanced

(Item# CURR2007)

This curriculum continues to explore the many skills required of food service workers such as chefs, cooks, bakers, preparation workers, hosts and hostesses, restaurant or food service managers, banquet managers and more. Activities include preventing food borne illness, monitoring inventory, meeting sanitation regulations, side-work duties, planning for quantity cooking and banquets, front of the house and back of the house, and dealing with complaints. Students gain skills that may be used for employment in restaurants, schools, institutions, congregate meal settings and hospitality venues.

Builds on the foundation laid in Food Service Assistant Basic.

Materials Like…

  • Dinnerware, Trays and Silverware
  • Microbiological Medium
  • Aprons
  • Guest Checks
  • Tip Tray
  • Imitation Money and Cash Drawer
  • Imitation Food Models
  • Banquet Templates
  • Water Glasses
  • Waitstaff Training Course and Guide