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Horticulture/Greenhouse Worker – Enhanced

(Item# CURR2002)

New topics are covered in this comprehensive curriculum on horticulture and greenhouse work, including greenhouse management, anatomy of flowering plants, hydroponics (ebb, flow and passive), plant nutrient requirements and testing for pH values. Students will also continue to learn about seed germination, soil mixes, root growth, photosynthesis and light, monitoring plant growth and setting up a hydroponics experiment station. Other topics covered include plant deficiencies, biological pest control, integrated pest management, pest identification, worker protection standards, popular bedding plants, plant identification, growing container gardens and calculating fertilizer needs for nursery plants.

Builds on the foundation laid in Horticulture/Greenhouse Worker Basic.

Materials Like…

  • All-In-One Greenhouse Kit
  • Hydroponics Experiment Kit
  • Garden Cart System with Lights
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Garden Cart Tent
  • EC/TDS Meter and Calibration Solution
  • Grounded Timer
  • pH Meter and Pro pH up and down
  • Soil Testing Kit
  • Granulated Grow Nutrient Solution
  • Soil Testing Kit