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Project Discovery Demo Request


Thank you for visiting this page. With a few easy entries, you can be on your way to helping all
of your students find their career passion and learn the life skills they need to lead successful independent lives!

In your preview packet, you will receive:

1. An overview of Project Discovery’s 80+ careers to explore and learn the skills for positions in healthcare, animal care, child care, in offices, in retail stores, etc. to help your students find careers that are just right for them.

2. A placement checklist to help you determine which career series is right for your students (Adapted, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced). We have hands-on career exploration curriculum for every student!

3. A curriculum sampler so you can see exactly how the curriculum is set-up, sample instructor notes, sample student instructions, pre-tests, and  work performance benchmarks

Let us help you develop a career and life skills program to get you on your way to achieving transition compliance and great transition outcomes for all of your students.