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Job and Life Skills Prepared John For Family Caregiving

John cares for his grandmother. He says that learning skills in caregiving, childcare and cleaning and maintenance helped him prepare for life after school. Hooray for John and Project Discovery!

Job Skills Prepared Ryan for Job at Resource Depot

Ryan, a student with exceptional needs, used Project Discovery curriculum to prepare for his job. He discusses the tasks he performs at the Resource Depot. Read Ryan’s story on the Education Associates High Five blog!

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Administrator Answers Questions About Her Selection of Project Discovery Curriculum

Video interview with Lori Dyer, Founder of Believers Academy, West Palm Beach, FL. Ms. Dyer and her teaching staff use Project Discovery curriculum to prepare all students, at any ability level, for career, college and independent living. Ms. Dyer talks about why her school selected Project Discovery curriculum, and how it incorporates academic standards, and how they implemented it in their classrooms. 97% of students at Believers Academy are career and life ready and got jobs after graduation.

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Special Education Teacher Demonstrates Her Use of Project Discovery

Annie Graham, a special education teacher in Prairieville, LA, created this class video to demonstrate her instructional process with students with exceptional needs. Her goal is to enhance students’ transitional skills and lifelong learning.

Teacher Demonstrates Project Discovery Life Skills Lesson on ‘Buying a Car’

Lisa, a special education and transition teacher, demonstrates with her class how to buy a car using a Project Discovery life skills lesson module.


Teacher Talks About Project Discovery

Jennifer, a special education teacher, Talks about how Project Discovery made a difference in her classroom.

hear from the employers

Employer Appreciates Students’ Job Skills Preparedness

Mike Way, Warehouse and Donations Manager at Resource Depot, talks about employment of students with challenges and his appreciation for new employee, Ryan, a recent graduate. Ryan prepared for his job through Project Discovery career exploration and job skills curriculum. His school achieved a 97% student employment rate and his employer is appreciative of his work contributions. All kids can get jobs!

hear from the experts

Transition Supervisor Says, “Project Discovery Meets All Students’ Ability Levels.”

Mr. Norm Terry, Supervisor of Transition/ECE for Jefferson County Public Schools, KY discusses how Project Discovery helps to meet all students’ ability levels. One of his major concerns in his district and his teachers is, how can they assess low readers and non-readers for their true interests and passions? Project Discovery curriculum and assessments helped them be on target.

Project Discovery is an approved K-12 career and life skills transition curriculum validated by the U.S. Department of Education and a model program approved by the National Dropout Prevention Center Network.  Project Discovery prepares students with special needs and those who are at risk with marketable job and life skills for successful post school transition.  Watch this video for a brief overview of Project Discovery, then hear from administrators, teachers and students about their workforce education learning experience.