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Our Public Health Response

At Education Associates, we want to contribute to ongoing worldwide efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.  As such, we are providing Complimentary Access to Two of Our Key Public Health Programs: Personal Hygiene and Passive Recreation.  Not only is this subject matter timely, but this free curriculum provides activities for your students who are learning from home. We encourage you to share these links with colleagues and parents who have children at home during the temporary school closings.

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What We Offer

Effective, hands-on career education using real tools to perform real jobs

  • Career Awareness: Introduction to career pathways
  • Career Exploration: Over 100 career choices to help students find their future
  • Adapted: Opening career doors for students with autism and other significant challenges
  • Job Skills Training: Building marketable skills for high-demand jobs
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Competency-based programs to prepare learners to be life ready

  • Job Prep & Employability Skills: How to get and keep a job
  • Independent Living Skills: Daily life skills to promote self-reliance
  • Self-Confidence & Social Skills: Improve social communication, self-confidence & behavior
  • Health & Nutrition: Learn to care for your mind & body
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Our Solutions

  • STEM for Special Ed
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Remote Learning
  • Deaf & Visually Impaired
  • Digital Badge Credentials
  • Special Education Transition
  • Autism & Intellectual Disabilities
  • Employability Skills
  • Independent Living
  • Adult Job Training
  • Financial Literacy

Each of our four STEM for SPED toolkits contains three hands-on kits to explore career areas and three life skills titles. Instruction is adaptable for all learners, including those with special needs.

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Our SEL curriculum package is correlated to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) five core SEL categories: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship skills and Responsible decision-making.

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Our dynamic curriculum provides a blended/hybrid approach to support the best of both worlds—hands-on learning and virtual learning. Students can perform activities with both Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills while at home and then pick up when back in the classroom—never missing a beat!

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Supports such as video modeling, real-voice audio create a great fit for schools that address the needs of students with various degrees of hearing and/or vision loss.

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Digital Badge Credentials allow students to showcase job & life skills developed through the completion of specific Project Discovery & Achieve Life Skills curriculum.

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These federally-mandated transition service requirements assure students are receiving the curriculum, instruction and experiences needed to further skills toward each of the post-secondary outcomes. This is a daunting task without a well-coordinated program. Project Discovery is that program!

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Through a dynamic, hands-on approach, learners discover their career passions and interests, gain self-confidence, and master entry-level job skills.

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Employability skills encompass the foundational skills necessary for both the job search and job survival. To secure employment, job seekers must display positive employability skills, including good communication and interviewing skills. Additional skills, including maintaining good attendance and meeting employer expectations, are needed to keep a job.

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Learners need to possess key daily living skills to become independent, successful members of the community. To live on their own, learners must manage day-to-day tasks such as... time & money management, budgeting, checking & savings, general housekeeping, and consumer shopping.

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Project Discovery allows learners to experience and develop real-life job skills with actual tasks and real job tools. Participants 'Learn by Doing' with dynamic hands-on programs that excel and enhance their opportunities in the workforce.

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Understanding basic money management such as developing a budget, using checking & savings, and handling credit cards is very important to students. Financial literacy plays a vital role as students with disabilities make a transition to the workforce, college, or independent living. These skills allow people to make smart decisions with their money.

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They are absolutely loving Project Discovery! It’s one of the best purchases we have made.

B. Gilmer

Director of Special Education Services, Lauderdale County, AL

I have completed Cleaning Maintenance and the kids did much better than I expected. For some of my kids this is what they needed to build their confidence. Best Investment Ever!

G. Hayes

Special Education Teacher, Kershaw County, SC

This has been the best educational partnership for me and my school district in reaching our students with disabilities and addressing their transition needs.

C. Pansy

Special Education Coordinator, Plaquemines Parish, LA

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