Auto Detailing (Enhanced)

Recipients of the Auto Detailing credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

Student maintains a safe work environment by:

  1. Store all equipment, materials and supplies correctly.
  2. Follow cleanup procedures at end of the workday.
  3. Comply with EPA and OSHA standards regarding use of and disposal of chemicals.
  4. Follow safety rules that have been outlined by the instructor.
  5. Follow universal safety precautions.
  6. Identify potential dangers and understand their consequences in independent work situations.
  7. Display a safe attitude when working.
  8. Perform work in a safe manner without being told.
    Student will demonstrate skills to clean the interior of the automobile: 

  10. Identify the proper equipment, supplies and chemicals needed to detail a vehicle.
  11. Identify the proper equipment, supplies and chemicals needed to clean and protect the interior of the vehicle.
  12. Vacuums floors and seats.
  13. Clean fabric surfaces (carpet, headliner, door panels, and seats.)
  14. Demonstrate the proper use of detailing equipment and supplies.
  15. Remove stains and odors.
  16. Clean interior glass surfaces.
  17. Clean and dress vinyl and plastic dashboards, door panels, and trim panels.
  18. Vacuum and clean trunk
  19. Clean door jambs and vent openings.
  20. Apply fabric protectant.
  21. Clean and dress leather surfaces.
    Student will demonstrate ability to clean automobile engine compartment:

  23. Identify the proper equipment, supplies and chemicals needed to clean engine compartment.
  24. Discover procedures for properly detailing a vehicle’s engine compartment.

Student will demonstrate skills to prep wash and detail the exterior of the vehicle:

  1. Identify the proper equipment, supplies and chemicals needed to clean and protect the exterior of a vehicle.
  2. Identify the proper equipment and supplies needed to wash a vehicle.
  3. Identify the proper sequence of washing a vehicle.
  4. Properly dry the vehicle without leaving lint, scratches or water spots.
  5. Demonstrate techniques for cleaning various body surfaces such as painted areas, chrome, vinyl tops, grills, and undercarriage.
  6. Properly clean wheels, wheel wells, and tires.

Student will demonstrate proficiency in reconditioning paint surfaces:

  1. Identify the equipment, supplies and chemicals needed to recondition the painted surfaces of a vehicle.
  2. Operate an electric, dual action random-orbital polisher.
  3. Apply polishing compounds, glazes and cleaners.
  4. Apply waxes, sealants, and polymers.
  5. Clean exterior glass surfaces.

Student will explore entrepreneurship as a personal goal:

  1. Describe entrepreneurship in relation to auto detailing.
  2. List the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship.
  3. Identify the risks involved in ownership of a business.
  4. Identify business skills and characteristics needed to run an auto detailing business.
  5. Evaluate personal skills and characteristics to run an auto detailing business.
  6. Identify leadership traits.

Student demonstrates an understanding of how to start and operate an auto detailing business:

  1. Describe how to set up and maintain records for a business.
  2. Develop a marketing/advertising plan for an auto detailing business.
  3. Determine prices for auto detailing services.
  4. Describe how zoning regulations impact an auto detailing business.
  5. Identify licenses, supplies and materials needed to start a detailing business.
  6. Describe a business plan and recognize the steps for preparing one.
  7. Recognize the work conditions and physical demands of auto detailing.

Student will demonstrate employability and life skills:

  1. Completes a personal data sheet.
  2. Completes a job application.
  3. Conducts a job search.
  4. Prepares a resume.
  5. Prepares a cover letter.
  6. Demonstrates effective interview skills.
  7. Demonstrates effective job keeping skills.
  8. Demonstrates life skills.

Student demonstrates work ethics/employability skills:

  1. Reports to work area and dresses appropriately for work.
  2. Has all supplies needed to perform work.
  3. Starts work promptly.
  4. Asks instructor for assistance if needed.
  5. Stays on task.
  6. Demonstrates correct social skills at all times.
  7. Asks instructor for work assignment if necessary.
  8. Cleans up work area at the end of the period without being asked.
  9. Works cooperatively with others on group projects.
  10. Works independently after being assigned a task.
  11. Accepts constructive criticism.
  12. Notifies school/employer of absence or tardiness.
  13. Accepts and performs additional tasks willingly.
  14. Examines personality traits important to business
  15. Follows directions
  16. Describes desirable employee traits
  17. Demonstrates initiative.
  18. Demonstrates knowledge of skills required of the occupation.
  19. Recognizes employment opportunities.

Identifies sources of employment information.

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