Banking: Checking & Savings (Platinum)

Recipients of the Banking: Checking & Savings (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

1. Define the term “bank” and describe the various ways to access a bank.
2. Define the following terms: deposit, withdrawal, transaction, endorse, service charge, overdrawn, and debit card.
3. List the advantages of using a checking account.
4. Explain the difference between a checking account and a savings account.
5. Describe the process used to open a bank account.
6. Explain the difference between deposit and withdrawal.
7. Identify bank initiated account adjustments.
8. Explain the process of writing a check.
9. Explain the procedures for reconciling a bank account.

For more information on digital badge credentialing, check out the Education Associates’ Quick-Start Guide.

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