Child Care Assistant (Basic Skills)

Recipients of the Child Care Assistant (Basic Skills) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

Student demonstrates work ethics/employability skills:

  1. ___   Reports to work area and dresses appropriately for work.
  2. ___   Has all supplies needed to perform work
  3. ___   Starts work promptly
  4. ___   Asks instructor for assistance if needed.
  5. ___   Stays on task.  (Does not abuse bathroom or water breaks)
  6. ___   Follows safety rules and demonstrates correct social skills at all times.
  7. ___   Asks instructor for work assignment if necessary
  8. ___   Cleans up work area at the end of the period without being asked
  9. ___   Works cooperatively with others on group projects
  10. ___   Works independently after being assigned a task
  11. ___   Accepts constructive criticism
  12. ___   Notifies school/employer of absence or tardiness
  13. ___   Accepts and performs additional tasks willingly


Student maintains a safe work environment by:

  1. ___    Following universal safety precautions
  2. ___    Storing all equipment, materials and supplies correctly
  3. ___    Following cleanup procedures at end of the workday
  4. ___    Performing basic and/or routine maintenance of equipment


Student is familiar with safety concepts and safe work habits:

  1. ___    Displays a safe attitude when working
  2. ___    Performs work in a safe manner with out being told
  3. ___    Identifies potential dangers and understands their consequences in independent work situations.


Student can perform the following skills:

  1. ___    Holds/lifts/carries infants appropriately
  2. ___    Feeds infant or toddler
  3. ___    Diapers infant or toddler
  4. ___    Monitors toddlers/infants
  5. ___    Contact supervisor when first aid is needed
  6. ___    Puts infant/toddler down for a nap
  7. ___    Monitors toddler during toilet training
  8. ___    Cleans the nursery
  9. ___    Participates in CPR training
  10. ___    Participates in child development classes
  11. ___    Interacts appropriately with infants/toddlers
  12. ___    Participates in emergency procedures training


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