Child Care

Child Care

‘Read Me First’ and Scope & Sequence

Introductory sections allow teachers to plan their lessons throughout the semester.

Instructor’s Notes

Instructor’s Notes give teachers step by step instructions.

Student Instructions

Detailed instructions provide clear guidance to the student.

Student Instructions: By Activity

Real photos with descriptions provide step-by-step instruction to the student .

Visual Schedules

Activity instructions include visual schedules with real photos.

Data Sheets

Data Sheets allow teachers to record the progress of their students.

Work Performance Benchmarks

Work Performance Benchmarks allow the instructor to document and share student progress.

Work Performance Benchmark: Evaluation Instructions

Detailed instructions guide teachers through the evaluation process.

Pre-Post Tests

Pre-Tests and Post-Tests allow instructors to establish baseline and show student progress.

Teaching Strategies

Detailed teaching strategies help instructors tailor their approach to each subject.

Common Core Correlations

Guide details how each title is correlated to the Common Core.

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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