Construction Trades (Advanced)

Recipients of the Construction Trades (Advanced) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Matching Color Coded Wire
(a) Matched each color wire correctly to matching screw terminal.

Activity 2 – Soldering
(a) Tinned tip of soldering iron by following instructions.
(b) Solder each wire by following instructions.
(c) Connection is shiny and smooth.
(d) Desoldered as per instructions.

Activity 3 – Cable Splicing
(a) Completed pigtail splice correctly as per instructions.
(b) Completed western union splice correctly as per instructions.
(c) Completed bunch splice correctly as per instructions.
(d) Completed all three splices before soldering.
(e) Prepared splice for soldering by applying resin Flux.
(f) Built heat bridge and then soldered connection.
(g) Wiped extra Flux from splice after it cooled.
(h) Solder was smooth and shiny.
(i) Could see outline of splice.
(j) Cleaned work area.

Activity 4 – Taping Splices
(a) Taped each splice per instructions (pigtail and western union).
(b) Taped from right to left using overlapping and beginning 2 tape widths to the right of the splice.
(c) Stopped 2 tape widths to the left of the splice.
(d) Repeated winding left to right.
(e) Repeated winding right to left.
(f) Cut the tape.
(g) Taped the bunch splice by wrapping wire around the soldered splice, and then the top and back down the splice to wire 2 and 3.
(h) Wrapped tape around wire 2.
(i) Wrapped tape around wire 3.
(j) Wrapped tape around wire again, folded tape over at the end of the splice and cut it.
(k) Cut separate piece of tape and made one or two turns around the folded ends.
(l) Cleaned up work area.

Activity 5 – Wiring Circuits
(a) Wired closed circuit so that bulb would light.
(b) Hypothesized whether bulb would light per diagrams provided.
(c) Wired circuits to determine if hypotheses were correct.

Activity 6 -Cut and De-Burr Galvanized Pipe
(a) Clamped 1/2” galvanized pipe into vise.
(b) Measured and marked section of pipe 11 1/2”.
(c) Cut pipe section 11 1/2”.
(d) Removed burrs from both ends of pipe.

Activity 7 – Thread Pipe, Install Union and Elbow
(a) Placed end of galvanized pipe in 1/2” die guide.
(b) Threaded pipe until one end is through face of die.
(c) Oiled work well.
(d) Wiped oil from threads with rag.
(e) Placed sealing compound on both ends of the pipe covering the first three threads.
(f) Screwed elbow on pipe end having sealing compound using a pipe wrench.
(g) Screwed union on pipe end without sealing compound using adjustable wrench.
(h) Tightened union until very hard to turn.
(i) Removed excess compound from sealed joint.

Activity 8 – Flexible Copper Tubing
(a) Measured 18” of flexible copper tubing and marked for cutting.
(b) Cut 18” of flexible copper tubing.
(c) Removed burrs from inside of copper tubing.
(d) Bent flexible copper tubing to a 90 degree angle.
(e) Slid 3/8” sleeve nut on copper tubing.
(f) Flared correctly end of copper tubing. (Use flaring chart to check correctness).

Activity 9 – Rigid Copper Tubing
(a) Cut piece of rigid copper tubing 5 1/2”.
(b) Deburred copper tubing.
(c) Cleaned outside of pipe and inside of fitting.
(d) Placed flux on end of pipe and inside of fitting.
(e) Soldered tubing and filled joint with solder.
(f) Removed excess solder by lightly wiping with rag.

Activity 10 – Conducting A Slump Test
(a) Mixed concrete so that it slumped approximately no more than 1 1/2”.

Activity 11 – Pouring and Finishing a Concrete Patio Block
(a) Brushed a thin coat of oil on patio block form.
(b) Pushed side of the brick trowel into the mortar every 4”.
(c) Moved screed board back and forth to make surface level.
(d) Moved finishing trowel over the surface until smooth.

Activity 12 – Tying Reinforcement Rods
(a) Put eight rods in rebar box..
(b) Made a snap tie.
(c) Made a saddle tie.

Activity 13 – Constructing a Straight Section of Concrete Block Wall
(a) Cleaned construction site and blocks.
(b) Made mortar mix. Put on mortar bed.
(c) Handled trowel to scoop mortar up off the mortar board and threw in on the board until it made a rounded mound.
(d) Placed a full concrete block at one end of the mortar bed to serve as a guide.
(e) Made mortar bed as wide as block.
(f) In one move, set block on mortar bed against first block.
(g) Created joints 1/2” wide by tapping block with trowel handle.
(h) Handled carpenter’s level to create level blocks at top, ends, and sides.
(i) Laid second row of blocks using two half-end blocks on ends of second row.
(j) Handled carpenter’s level to level the top, ends, and sides of blocks.
(k) Constructed the third course of block, placing full block at each end.
(l) Handled carpenter’s level to level the top, end, and sides of the blocks.
(m) Manipulated the jointing tool to clean the joints.
(n) Cleaned mortar board and tools.

Activity 14 – Installing Dry Wall
(a) Cut 4 ft. by 2 ft. piece of dry wall.
(b) Cut 4 ft. piece into 1 ft., 2 ft., 1 ft. sections.
(c) Nailed 1 ft. and 1 ft. pieces to one wall section with tapered edges together. Used 3 nails per piece in each stud.
(d) Nailed 2 ft. piece to other wall section so that edges met in corner. Used 3 nails in each stud.
(e) Countersank each nail slightly into dry wall.

Activity 15A ‑ Finishing Dry Wall ‑ Filling Nail Holes
(a) Filled nail hole by holding broad knife at a 45 degree angle to the wall and wiping the knife horizontally across a nail hole.
(b) Wiped knife downward across the same nail hole.
(c) Removed excess mud so that only nail hole filled.
(d) Filled all nails which were specified.

Activity 15B – Taping Dry Wall Joints
(a) Cut drywall tape 2’ 2”.
(b) Put thin coat of drywall mud down center of joint covering nail holes.
(c) Wet tape; held tape 1” above top of wall section. Put mud on knife and scraped down over tape the length of the joint.
(d) Smoothed the mud out on both sides of the joint leaving no lump at joint.
(e) Spread mud 4” beyond the corner on each side of joint.
(f) Scraped down over the tape, with mud on knife, on each side of corner joint.
(g) Smoothed mud out on both sides of the corner until the mud is completely smooth.
(h) Cleaned up tools and work area.

Activity 16 – Refilling Nail Holes and Tape
(a) Refilled nail holes by holding knife at 45 degree angle to the wall and wiping the knife horizontally across each hole.
(b) Wiped knife vertically across each hole.
(c) Smoothed over tape on the joints.
(d) Cleaned tools and work area.

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