Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

Through many challenging, exciting hands-on activities, students will expand their knowledge and experience of tasks required in the auto detailing career. Using real tools, equipment and professional supplies of the trade, students will gain competencies in the field of auto detailing. Builds on the foundation laid in Auto Detailing-Basic Skills.

Sample Activities:

  • Detailing Equipment and Supplies
  • Operating Electrical Dual Action Orbital Polisher
  • Applying Polishes, Glazes and Cleaners
  • Interior/Exterior Detailing

Sample Materials:

  • Shop Vac and Attachments
  • Electric Dual-Action Polisher
  • Cleaners and Polishers
  • Liquid Wax and Pro Detailing Clay
  • Wheel Brightener, Leather Cleaner and Carpet Protectant


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