Carpenter’s Helper

Carpenter’s Helper

Expand upon your skills in the carpentry area with this exciting curriculum. Students will learn many in-depth job tasks in the carpentry field and gain experience using tools of the trade while they build culminating projects of saw horses and workbenches. Builds on the foundation laid in Carpenter’s Helper-Basic Skills.

Sample Activities:

  • Planning, Designing, Leveling and Building a Workbench
  • Priming and Painting
  • Using hand tools, handsaws and sanders safely and accurately
  • Measuring and Marking Wood for Cutting

Sample Materials:

  • Cordless Drill and Drilling Kit
  • Folding Workbenches
  • Cross Cut Saw, Miter Saw and Box
  • Orbital Sander, Vise and C-Clamps
  • Framing Square, File and Chisel Sets


Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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