Dangers of Alcohol

Dangers of Alcohol

With this curriculum, students will learn the risks of alcohol on the mind and body. Students will learn that different people react differently to alcoholic drinks and that no one kind of alcoholic drink is “safer” than another. Students will also learn to never drink and drive or allow others to drink and drive. Students will learn how to respond when offered alcohol.

Competencies include:

  • Describe Factors that Influence a Person’s Reaction to Alcohol
  • Describe Driving Skills that are Affected by Alcohol
  • Explain what it Means to be Above the Legal Limit for Drinking
  • List Dangers of Drinking Alcohol Before the Age of 21
  • List Health Problems Associated with Excessive Alcohol Use
  • Describe What to Do if You or Someone You Know has a Drinking Problem
  • Explain What to Do if Someone Offers You Alcohol


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