Horticulture/Greenhouse Worker

Horticulture/Greenhouse Worker

Students will gain experience and skills in the various aspects of the growth and propagation of typical bedding plants. They will grow a variety of plants through different methods and explore various horticultural practices in a laboratory setting. Builds on the foundation laid in Horticulture/Greenhouse Worker-Basic Skills.

Sample Activities:

  • Managing a Greenhouse
  • Growing Container Gardens
  • Setting up a Hydroponics Experiment Station
  • Potting, Watering and Calculating Fertilizer Needs for Nursery Plants

Sample Materials:

  • Garden Cart System with Lights and Tent
  • All-In-One Greenhouse Kit
  • Hydroponics Experiment Kit
  • ECMeter and Calibration Solution
  • Soil Testing Kit, pH Meter and Pro pH Up and Down


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