Lawn Care Worker

Lawn Care Worker

Students learn many of the skills needed for a successful career in the lawn care/landscaping business with this curriculum. Students use real tools of the trade and follow detailed job tasks to gain skills ranging from soil testing and analysis to 3D landscaping design. Builds on the foundation laid in Lawn Care Worker-Basic Skills.

Sample Activities:

  • Installing and Maintaining Flowers, Lawns, Shrubs, 
Trees and Ground Covers
  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • Operating and Maintaining Lawn Care Equipment
  • Designing 3D Landscaping


Sample Materials:

  • Lawn and Garden Equipment Learning Lab Kit
  • Garden Hose Repair Kit
  • Soil Testing Kit and pH Meter
  • Shovel and Vise
  • Blade Balancer and Hand Rotary Spreader


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