Let’s Discover Human Services

Let’s Discover Human Services

By the time this module is introduced in your classroom, students will already be aware of what it means to be a teacher. But what about the other human services careers? Use this module to explore careers such as social worker, caregiver, hair, skin & nail care worker and public health worker. Students gain an understanding of the duties and skills involved, the typical tools and equipment used, the education and training required and the importance of these occupations to the community.

Sample Activities:

  • Setting Hair Using Wig and Rollers
  • Planning Meals
  • Performing a Manicure
  • Creating Lesson Plans and Teaching


Sample Materials:

  • Wig, Hair Rollers and Brushes
  • Measuring spoons, Cups and Mixing Bowls
  • Emery Boards and Nail File
  • Day Care Schedule


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