Let’s Discover Nature’s Resources

Let’s Discover Nature’s Resources

It’s easy to appreciate nature all around us but what about awareness of careers in the agricultural cluster? Many different occupations are represented in this module. Students gain awareness of the duties, skills, tools, equipment and educational training required for these careers. Students also have the opportunity to take a look at related occupations within their community.

Sample Activities:

  • Charting the Four Seasons
  • Planting and Growing Seeds
  • Constructing a Greenhouse
  • Performing Taste Tests
  • Developing/Designing Food Labels


Sample Materials:

  • Planting Tools
  • Planting Trays
  • Pots and Potting Soil
  • Seeds and Watering Can
  • Blank Food Cans and Blank Labels


Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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