Let’s Discover the World of Business

Let’s Discover the World of Business

Bring the world of business into the classroom with this module. Students gain awareness of what a business career entails, the duties and skills involved, the typical tools and equipment used and how business is a vital part of the community. Concepts explored include purchasing, management, marketing, finances and sales.

Sample Activities:

  • Shopping, Bagging, Clerking, and Stocking
  • Making Change and Balancing a Cash Drawer
  • Determining Income vs. Expenses
  • Completing Job Applications and Interviews


Sample Materials:

  • Imitation Money and Coins in a Cash Drawer
  • Purchase Order and Income Statement Forms
  • Checks and Cashier’s Pouch
  • Cans, Bread, Soap and Other Grocery Items


Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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