Sales Tax, Discounts, & Tips

Sales Tax, Discounts, & Tips

With this curriculum, students will learn what sales tax, discounts and tips are, how to calculate them and where to locate them on their receipts. Students will learn the distinctions between these concepts. They will learn that sales tax is an increase to the cost of the item or service, discounts are a decrease to an item or service and tips are monetary rewards for good service.

Competencies include:

  • Define Key Terms (such as “Sales Tax,” “Discounts” and “Tips”)
  • Explain Purpose of Sales Tax, Discounts and Tips
  • Contrast Retail Price, Discount and Sale Price
  • Explain what a Receipt is and How to Read it
  • List Professionals who Typically Receive a Tip
  • Describe Accepted Tipping Ranges for Service Industries
  • Solve Practical Math Problems Involving Percentages


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