Filing (Beginning)

Recipients of the Filing credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Filing Alphabetically
(a) Arranged index cards in alphabetical order correctly

Activity 2 – The Indexing Rule
(a) Recorded names on index cards by correct indexing arrangement
(b) Arranged index cards in alphabetical order correctly

Activity 3 – Filing by Subject
(a) Alphabetized the main classification cards (capital letters) correctly
(b) Alphabetized the subclassification cards within each main classification correctly

Activity 4 – Filing Chronologically
(a) Arranged cards in order by dates.
(b) Alphabetized cards within each date.
(c) Determined who to send reminders to.

Activity 5 – Filing Numerically
(a) Arranged cards following numeric rule of smaller numbers at the front

Activity 6 – Filing Geographically
(a) Alphabetized cards by state names
(b) Alphabetized cards by cities within each state
(c) Alphabetized cards by company names for each city

For more information on digital badge credentialing, check out the Education Associates’ Quick-Start Guide.

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