General Office Assistant (Enhanced Skills)

Recipients of the General Office Assistant (Enhanced Skills) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Student demonstrates interpersonal communication skills:

  1. Presents a positive company image
  2. Greets visitors professionally
  3. Answers telephone professionally
  4. Takes telephone messages
  5. Speaks clearly and concisely
  6. Maintains visitor records
  7. Handles difficult people/customers
  8. Maintains confidentiality
  9. Demonstrates awareness and ability to work with people who are culturally diverse
  10.  Exhibits good listening skills

Student demonstrates written communication skills:

  1.  Writes clearly and concisely
  2.  Drafts agendas
  3.  Drafts announcements
  4.  Drafts interoffice memos
  5.  Drafts business letters
  6.  Proofreads documents

Student performs office procedures:

  1.  Uses telephone book
  2.  Prepares purchase orders
  3.  Maintains office supply inventory
  4.   Establishes equipment maintenance schedules
  5.   Performs basic and/or routine maintenance of equipment
  6.   Sets priorities to manage time
  7.   Schedules work flow
  8.   Uses instruction manuals and help menus
  9.   Completes expense reports
  10.   Prepares invoices
  11.   Locates information from reference materials
  12.   Follows the Office Procedures Manual
  13.  Orders office supplies
  14.  Operates fax machine
  15.   Operates copier machine

Student manages office records:

  1.   Prepares cross-references for filing documents
  2.   Retrieves information/files
  3.   Establishes a tickler file
  4.  Arranges documents in drawers and folders
  5.  Maintains contents of files
  6.  Establishes subject filing master index
  7.   Demonstrates file naming strategies

Student processes mail:

  1.   Maintains mail registers
  2.   Selects from express mailing options
  3.   Tracks express mail delivery
  4.   Checks deliveries against orders

Student provides staff support services:

  1.   Coordinates schedules and meetings
  2.   Makes/cancels appointments
  3.   Takes meeting minutes
  4.   Schedules facilities and equipment
  5.   Makes travel arrangements/itineraries
  6.   Recognizes time zones
  7.   Obtains travel approval
  8.   Identifies actual or potential problems
  9.   Solves actual or potential problems
  10.   Manages projects

Student applies information technology:

  1.   Turns on word processor
  2.   Operates in Microsoft Windows
  3.   Uses Word software for Windows
  4.   Keys in documents
  5.   Chooses type style fonts
  6.   Formats copy
  7.   Deletes copy
  8.   Moves copy within document
  9.   Names files
  10.   Saves files
  11.   Exits files/software
  12.   Uses Word features
  13.   Uses spell check
  14.   Creates spreadsheets
  15.   Creates PowerPoint presentations
  16.   Types agendas
  17.   Types announcements
  18.   Types interoffice memos
  19.   Types meeting minutes
  20.   Types business letters
  21.   Revises documents
  22.   Prints documents
  23.   Prepares electronic mail messages
  24.   Sends and receives electronic mail
  25.   Emails attachments
  26.   Develops fax cover sheets
  27.   Navigates the Internet
  28.   Practices computer ergonomics
  29.   Uses technology to calendar and manage projects

Student maintains a safe work environment:

  1.   Follows universal safety precautions
  2.   Stores all equipment, materials and supplies correctly
  3.   Follows cleanup procedures at end of the workday

Student will demonstrate job search, job survival and life skills:

  1.  Completes a personal data sheet
  2.  Completes a job application
  3.  Conducts a job search
  4.  Prepares a resume
  5.  Prepares a cover letter
  6.  Demonstrates effective interview skills
  7.  Demonstrates effective job keeping skills
  8. Demonstrates life skills

Student demonstrates work ethics/employability skills:

  1. Reports to work area and dresses appropriately for work.
  2.  Has all supplies needed to perform work
  3.  Starts work promptly
  4.  Asks instructor for assistance if needed.
  5.  Stays on task.  (Does not abuse bathroom or water breaks)
  6.  Demonstrates correct social skills at all times.
  7.  Asks instructor for work assignment if necessary
  8. Cleans up work area at the end of the period without being asked
  9. Works cooperatively with others on group projects
  10. Works independently after being assigned a task
  11. Accepts constructive criticism
  12. Notifies school/employer of absence or tardiness
  13. Accepts and performs additional tasks willingly
  14. Examines personality traits important to business
  15. Follows directions
  16. Describes desirable employee traits
  17. Recognizes employment opportunities
  18. Identifies sources of employment information


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