Greenhouse Work (Beginning)

Recipients of the Greenhouse Work credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Testing Seed for Germination
(a) Placed filter paper in bottom of petri dish.
(b) Dampened filter paper with a small amount of water.
(c) Placed 10 seeds on filter, and put lid on dish.
(d) Placed dish in sun and kept damp.
(e) Calculated germination percentage after five days.

Activity 2 – Mixing Potting Soil
(a) Measured one cup of soil, one cup of peat moss, and one cup of vermiculite into mixing pan.
(b) Mixed ingredients well with trowel
(c) Covered pan with plastic film wrap.

Activity 3 – Growing Plants from Seed
(a) Placed 4 1/2” pot in mixing pan, filled pot using the trowel, tapped pot lightly on a table, and used the bottom of the 2 1/2 pot to press the soil down.
(b) Sprinkled some seeds on the soil, spacing them; shook soil, using a strainer, to provide a cover twice as deep as the size of the seed.
(c) Watered soil until moisture showed on the surface, covered pot with plastic, and placed in light.

Activity 4 Transplanting
(a) Mixed equal parts of peat moss, soil, and vermiculite in the mixing pan.
(b) Filled five 2 1/2” pots and placed them in the drain tray.
(c) Manipulated the wooden pot label to lift the seedling from the pot.
(d) Held seedling in one hand, made a hole in the soil of 2 1/2” pot.
(e) Placed the seedling in the hole up to the leaves, pressed soil firmly around the seedling with thumb and forefingers.
(f) Transplanted four more seedlings following procedures.
(g) Watered the plants.

Activity 5 – Stem Cutting
(a) Placed one stem cutting in a jar or glass filled with water.
(b) Filled 2 1/2” pot with sand and poured water in.
(c) Manipulated wooden pot label to make a hole in the center of the sand, put cutting into the hole and pressed sand firmly around it, and placed the pot in a plastic bag.
(d) Filled 2 1/2” pot with perlite or vermiculite to the top and wet the material
(e) Manipulated the wooden pot label to make a hole, placed the cutting into the hole and pressed the vermiculite firmly around the stem.
(f) Compared roots after several weeks.

Activity 6 – Other Plant Propagation Methods

Rex Begonia
(a) Placed peat moss or sand in 4 1/2” pot, wet the medium.
(b) Manipulated a knife to cut a large, healthy leaf from the parent begonia plant leaving about 3/4” of the leaf stalk.
(c) Manipulated a knife to cut the largest vein completely through.
(d) Placed leaf top side up on the wet medium in the pot, stuck the leaf stalk into the medium; used hair pin to hold leaf in place.
(e) Covered the pot with plastic wrap and placed the pot out of bright light.

African Violet
(f) Put peat moss, sand or vermiculite in the 4 1/2” pot and wet the medium.
(g) Removed a leaf with at least 2” of leaf stalk from the parent plant.
(h) Pushed the leaf stalk into the medium to one-half its length.

Sedum, Jade Plant or Echeveria
(i) Mixed soil and sand together, put in a small pot and dampened.
(j) Removed a leaf from the parent plant, stuck leaf stalk into the medium and kept medium relatively dry.

(k) Removed plant to be divided from pot.
(l) Manipulated hands to separate the roots carefully, placed each division in a pot of its own, filled with soil mixture to the top of the pot, and watered each plant.

Activity 7- Graftage
Myrillocactus & Zygocactus or Trichocerus & Zygocactus
(a) Manipulated the knife to make a slit in the top of the myrillocactus or the trichocereus.
(b) Manipulated the knife to cut off the top of the zygocactus, to cut a sliver off the base of its stem, and placed the zygocactus in the slit.
(c) Manipulated the rubber band around cactus to hold the grafting in place.
Notocactus & Trichocereus or Pilocereus and Cereus
(d) Manipulated the knife to slice off the top of both cactus plants.
(e) Placed the top of the notocactus or pilocereus on the cut place of the trichocereus or cereus.
(f) Manipulated string and also used cactus thorns to tie the two pieces together.

Activity 8 – Building a Small Greenhouse
(a) Bent floral wire into a curve.
(b) Placed wire in box, one piece at each end.
(c) Filled box with soil and planted seeds/plants.
(d) Watered plants.
(e) Covered with plastic wrap, leaving one end loose.

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