Grocery Clerking (Beginning)

Recipients of the Grocery Clerking credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Checkstand Procedures
(a) Handled paper towel to wipe off checkstand
(b) Found three kinds of bags.
(c) Sorted paper bags by size.
(d) Moved hand back and forth inside the paper bag until opened.
(e) Practiced opening plastic and reusable bags
(f) Folded and put away materials.

Activity 2 – Bagging
(a) Put all grocery items on counter.
(b) Selected correct size bag(s).
(c) Placed appropriate items in freezer bag(s) or separate bags as necessary.
(d) Bagged only items of appropriate size and weight. (not large soap box, potatoes, soda pop, etc.)
(e) Opened paper bag by moving hand inside the bag.
(f) Placed heavy solid items at bottom, light items next, and fragile things at the top of the bag.
(g) Bagged other orders as appropriate using either paper, plastic or reusable bags.
(h) Put materials away.

Activity 3 – Carry Out
(a) Carried grocery bag(s), following the customer to the “car”.
(b) Placed grocery bag(s) on the floor of the back seat or wherever the customer requested.
(c) Pleasantly thanked customer for shopping.

Activity 4 – Stocking
(a) Selected price and set price gun.
(b) Practiced putting labels on scratch paper.
(c) Marked cans with price gun per instructor’s directions.
(d) Stacked cans neatly on shelves with all labels facing the same way.
(e) Removed price from each can (if necessary).
(f) Put materials away.

For more information on digital badge credentialing, check out the Education Associates’ Quick-Start Guide.

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