Hair Care & Styling (Beginning)

Recipients of the Hair Care & Styling credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Choosing a Hair Style
(a) Held hair off customer’s face.
(b) Compared face shape of customer with the drawings. Researched face shapes on the internet
(c) Examined the customer’s hair by feeling, fluffing, and running fingers through it.
(d) Classified the texture by comparing data collected with pictures provided.
(e) Used technology to learn about and create a resource for haircutting
preparation and cutting hair techniques
(f) Selected an appropriate hair style with customer.

Activity 2 – Shampooing
(a) Determined if combs and brushes were clean; washed if necessary.
(b) Practiced brushing hair using wig.
(c) Seated customer in chair.
(d) Wrapped neck strip around neck, fastened shampoo cape around neck leaving about half the strip above the cape, and folded the top of the strip down over the cape.
(e) Removed any bobby pins or barettes; Brushed hair thoroughly.
(f) Placed folded towel on sink; hooked up spray attachment.
(g) Held spray down in sink; adjusted water to warm temperature.
(h) Saturated the hair with water and protected the customer’s ears and face; turned off water.
(i) Loosened hair using fingertips.
(j) Applied a small amount of shampoo to the hair in several different spots.
(k) Manipulated fingertips in a circular motion to lather.
(l) Squeezed extra foam and shampoo out; Rinsed hair using sprayer.
(m) Repeated steps to shampoo again.
(n) Squeezed excess water from hair into the sink.
(o) Wrapped towel around head and towel dried the hair until all the excess water is removed.
(p) Combed through small sections with a shampoo comb, combing until all the hair was free from tangles.
(q) Cleaned tools; put away materials.

Activity 3 – Styling and Setting Hair
(a) Sectioned a piece of the hair on the wig using a comb, starting with the bangs.
(b) Formed a small circle at the end of the hair and rolled the curl along the strand of hair, keeping the ends of the hair inside the curl until scalp is reached.
(c) Secured curl to the head with a clip or bobby pin.
(d) Showed work to instructor.
Hair Rollers:
(a) Found three sizes of hair rollers and compared sizes.
(b) Combed through hair with shampoo comb.
(c) Sectioned hair starting with the side hair, using a regular comb.
(d) Rolled sections of hair and fastened with clip.
(e) Repeated with other strands.
(f) Showed work to instructor.
(g) Removed rollers.
Electric Hair Rollers:
(a) Heated electric rollers.
(b) Blow-dried hair.
(c) Rolled sections of hair being careful to hold rollers on ends where not hot; secured with pins.
(d) Removed cool rollers and thoroughly brushed hair.
(e) Brushed and combed hair into the final shape and style.
Curling Iron:
(a) Plugged in curling iron.
(b) Allowed time to heat.
(c) Curled one section at a time being careful not to touch the hot barrel of the iron.
(d) Brushed through as desired.
(e) Unplugged iron using stand to hold iron off surface.
(a) Plugged in straightener.
(b) Allowed time to heat.
(c) Straightened one section at a time being careful not to touch the flat part of the barrel of the straightener.
(d) Brushed through as desired.
(e) Unplugged straightener.
(a) Combed through towel-dried hair to remove tangles; applied styling lotion as desired.
(b) Plugged in hair dryer and set temperature control.
(c) Dried hair section by section.
(d) For fullness, brushed hair toward the back slightly, twisted wrist and pushed in opposite direction, blew hair in a back and forth motion until the hair is set to accomplish fullness at the sides and fullness and lift on top.
(e) Brushed and combed hair.
(f) Let customer see hairstyle using hand mirror.

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