Horticulture / Greenhouse Worker (Enhanced Skills)

Recipients of the Horticulture / Greenhouse Worker (Enhanced Skills) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Student can complete general nursery/greenhouse activities:

  1. Waters plants
  2. Mixes potting media
  3. Plants seeds
  4. Transplants and repots plants
  5. Fertilizes plants
  6. Makes and pots cuttings
  7. Propagates greenhouse plants
  8. Prepares/arranges container gardens
  9. Uses rooting hormones for plant propagation
  10. Takes soil samples
  11. Plants bulbs
  12. Describes cold storage process for bulbs
  13. Describes time of year to plant bulbs

Student will be able to identify and classify plants grown in the greenhouse:

  1. Identify common plants grown in the greenhouse by scientific and common names
  2. Compare the differences between annual and perennial plants
  3. Compare advantages and disadvantages of common plants grown in greenhouse
  4. Determine how plant structures affect growth and fruit production

Student will describe methods for pest control:

  1. Identify common pests of plants
  2. Describe life cycles of common pests of plants
  3. Classify insects according to feeding habits
  4. Describe biological, chemical, and cultural methods of controlling plant pests

Student will describe nutrition needs of plants and demonstrate application of proper nutrients:

  1. Identify soil and media materials
  2. Identify symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and toxicities of plants
  3. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different growing media
  4. Identify elements and minerals necessary for plant growth
  5. Describe and demonstrate hydroponics
  6. Determine and contrast the pH of different growing media
  7. Demonstrate methods of measuring and adjusting pH
  8. Develop procedures for correcting nutritional deficiencies

Student will describe greenhouse production:

  1. Describe the functions of the greenhouse and its usefulness to plant production
  2. Describe the use of greenhouse environmental controls for heat, air, light, and moisture
  3. Describe greenhouse weed control procedures
  4. Identify general maintenance of a greenhouse
  5. Explain potential problems related to bedding plant production
  6. Explain procedures for sowing seeds
  7. Demonstrate the use of seed flat containers for sowing plant seeds
  8. Describe production containers
  9. Discuss how to select production containers

Student will demonstrate good customer service skills:

  1. Demonstrate ability to assist customers in selecting horticultural plant specialties
  2. Maintain courteous relationship with customer

Student maintains a safe work environment by:

  1. Following safety rules
  2. Following universal safety precautions
  3. Storing all equipment, materials and supplies correctly
  4. Following cleanup procedures at end of the workday
  5. Demonstrating how to place and climb ladders safely

Student will demonstrate job search, job survival and life skills:

  1. Completes a personal data sheet
  2. Completes a job application
  3. Conducts a job search
  4. Prepares a resume
  5. Prepares a cover letter
  6. Demonstrates effective interview skills
  7. Demonstrates effective job keeping skills
  8. Demonstrates life skills

Student demonstrates work ethics/employability skills:

  1. Reports to work area and dresses appropriately for work.
  2. Has all supplies needed to perform work
  3. Starts work promptly
  4. Asks instructor for assistance if needed.
  5. Stays on task. (Does not abuse bathroom or water breaks)
  6. Demonstrates correct social skills at all times.
  7. Asks instructor for work assignment if necessary
  8. Cleans up work area at the end of the period without being asked
  9. Works cooperatively with others on group projects
  10. Works independently after being assigned a task

Accepts constructive criticism:

  1. Notifies school/employer of absence or tardiness
  2. Accepts and performs additional tasks willingly


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