Kitchen Tools (Platinum)

Recipients of the Kitchen Tools (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

1. Identify the importance of the “Golden Rule” for general kitchen safety.
2. Identify and describe the three danger zones in the kitchen.
3. Identify and define the two systems of measurement used in the kitchen.
4. Describe four processes of food prep including cutting, peeling, grating and crushing and the tools used for each.
5. Explain the importance of using a cutting board and why separate boards are needed.
6. Describe the position of the fingers when using a knife and why this position is so important.
7. Describe common kitchen tools such as mixers, blenders and food processors and explain safety precautions to take when using.
8. Identify and describe safety procedures when using basic cooking equipment.
9. Define and explain the importance of “ergonomics.”

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