Life Skills for the Telephone (Gold)

Recipients of the Life Skills for the Telephone (Gold Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

1. Explain how to make a call from a cell phone and a home phone.
2. Explain what an area code is and when you use it.
3. Explain what a long distance call is and how it can affect your phone bill.
4. Explain how “minutes” are used with a cell phone.
5. Give two reasons why you might get a wrong number.
6. Explain calling “collect.”
7. List and explain the steps to find a number in the phone book. Use the name Juan Brown as an example.
8. Explain the difference in ‘411’ and ‘911.’
9. Explain the importance of not giving out personal information on the phone.

For more information on digital badge credentialing, check out the  Education Associates’ Quick-Start Guide.

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