Living On Your Own (Platinum)

Recipients of the Living On Your Own (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

1. Define the following: lease, lessor, lessee, security deposit
2. Explain why it is important to understand all the terms and conditions of a lease.
3. Explain why it is important to check an apartment for existing damages when you move in.
4. List and explain the difference between three different types of apartments.
5. Explain four things to consider when looking for an apartment.
6. Understand that feelings of loneliness are common when first moving out on your own.
7. List five ways or places to meet new people.
8. Explain the importance of regularly cleaning an apartment.
9. Describe two ways to use a recipe to cook for one person.
10. Describe how to make a budget and explain why it is important to make one.
11. Explain why it is important to pay bills on time.

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